On April 19, 2019 the international training “Practical Strategies for New Generation English Teachers in Ukraine” was held at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of V. O. Sukhomlynskyi National University of Mykolaiv within the framework of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “CURRENT TRENDS OF THE PHILOLOGICAL EDUCATION IN THE CONTEXT OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION”. The event was supported by the United States Department of State English Language Fellow Program.
Above 70 university lecturers, in-service and pre-service teachers from all over Mykolaiv region had a chance to participate in the training.
The workshops were conducted by prof. Grace Liu, English Language Fellow in Moldova; prof. Tetyana Myronenko, Head of the Department of the Department of English Language and Literature; Lesia Dobrovolskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of English Language and Literature; Luis Perea, English Language Fellow in Ukraine; Melanie Graham, United States Peace Corps Instructor at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University in Mykolaiv; Sarah Winter, United States Peace Corps Instructor at Ukrainian Leadership Academy in Mykolaiv; Lidiia Aizikova, lecturer of English at the Department of foreign languages; Olena Rudychyk, lecturer of English at the Department of English Language and Literature; graduate students Olga Nesterenko, Karina Zatkalnitskaya and Viktoria Nazarenko; undergraduate students Natalia Romanchuk and Artem Zakharov.
The workshops covered a wide range of present interest issues in methods of teaching English including: challenges and opportunities for 21st century English language education; Content Language and Integrated Learning in higher education: challenges and perspectives in a multilingual language policy; motivators applicable to any classroom at any level, academic integrity in Ukrainian classrooms; basic elements of good academic writings and steps for writing skills development; teaching compliments in the foreign language classroom, multilingualism in Ukraine, etc.
The organizing team express sincere appreciation to all the trainers and participants for their dedicated work and valuable contributions.

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