On the 20th–22nd March 2019 Tetiana Moroz, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Philology, Anzhelika Solidka, professor of the Germanic Philology and Translation Department of MNU and Luis Perea,English Languge Fellow and Lecturer of ESL at MNU, took part in the International conference on Multilingualism & Multilingual Education at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Germany. The conference attracted research active scholars from different universities around the world who have keen interests in multilingualism and multilingual education. The focus of the presentations was made on all aspects of the linguistic and sociolinguistic competences, multilingual education and practices in bilingual and multilingual societies. During the conference, the representatives of the Faculty of Foreign Philology delegation presented the results of their scientific research and participated in a series of seminars, trainings and workshops.
The participants from Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Spain, the USA, Finland, China, Croatia and Ukraine cooperated together discussing the actual problems of multilingualism and multilingual education, sharing their own ideas and teaching experience.

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